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We’re raising funds for an all-weather artificial turf multi-sport facility

Given the heavy rainfalls that often render our grass fields unusable, there has never been a greater need for the island to have an artificial surface.
Football & Futsal
Field Hockey
Ki o Rahi
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Waiheke High School is looking to raise money to replace the surface of the current dilapidated tennis courts for use by the whole community.

A new turf will provide a multi-sport facility for sports such as: Netball,  Field Hockey, Futsal and Football, Tennis and Ki o Rahi.

The facility would be available for community use after school, summer evenings, and weekends. 

WHS School Board

Our school board is committed to covering a major portion of the costs but we have a fundraising goal of $100,000 to be raised from our school and sports community through grants, fundraising events and donations big and small. 

There will also be sponsorship and naming rights opportunities available for local businesses.

Night at the Races

Night at the Races was held on 16 September in the WHS School Hall. Between sponsorship, ticket sales and race auctions, Waiheke High School raised a grand total of $35,769.00 for Waiheke High School’s Active Waiheke project.

A huge thanks to our sponsors, our racers, our MC’s and auctioneer, ticket buyers and every single person who helped!
What an incredible night – See you next year!!🐎


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We made our Fundraising goal

Thank you for your donation!

  • Rachael Wheeler
  • Harte Family
  • Donovan Ryan
  • John Hindmarsh 
  • Nick Jones
  • Nick Crawford
  • Amanda Robb
  • Leo Grant
  • Nat and Duana Upchurch
  • Bobi and Dan Lauper Tisch
  • Rachel Fleming
  • Cindy Twidle
  • Nick Torrance
  • Crestways Construction Limited
  • Monika and Danny Killeen
  • Sophie and Patrick Blackburn
  • Spence Family
  • Pia and Lloyd Reid
  • James Bros. Construction

How can you contribute?

All community contributions are gratefully received and we will provide donation receipts. Larger donations will be acknowledged on a sponsorship board as well as on our website.

Sports Clubs or Business Sponsorship – Sports Clubs can partner with the school to develop this facility with the right of use once delivered.

Here are some FAQ's

We are going to resurface our existing tired asphalt courts which are located on the boundary with Te Huruhi School at the rear of our school property. It is close to the Te Huruhi School Pool.

Turf, including a rubber underlay, will create an all-weather surface suitable for multiple sports. It will have the added advantage of less sports injuries due to the rubber underlay.

Investment in the additional rubber underlay and fencing improvements will enable Hockey to be taught and played on the island using the half-sized pitch.

Football is a very popular sport at our school and in winter our fields often become unusable.

Tennis can be taught and played and additional basketball and netball courts will also be popular.

The Ministry of Education provide funding based on set formulas and our programme of school wide buildings upgrade has taken priority. 

Our next allocation of property related funding is not until 2026 and we want to progress this project now.

There is potential to add lighting and changing facilities at a later stage. Any organised community groups will be able to access toilets that are located near the area.

We welcome community use of the facility when the school is closed. 

We expect there will be times when the facility is booked out by school or local sports groups.

We hope to see the facility used for local sports leagues such as hockey and football.

We think having a public tennis court near the more urban areas of the island will also be popular.

We will run our fundraising campaign through Term 3 and Term 4 of 2023.  We will then engage contractors and aim to get the project delivered in 2024.

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