August 12, 2020 to August 26, 2020 8.30am

Waiheke High School teachers have already started their remote learning programmes, following their teaching timetable. Your child should already be actively participating in their online learning.

You should expect that:
– If a student has a class that has only one period a week, eg Health or Wairua, teachers will place    something into Google Classroom each week on the day of that timetabled class.
– If a student has a class that has two or three periods a week, eg Inquiry, junior PE or a junior         option subject, they will have at least one online learning experience with each class, either Meet,   Zoom, Loom or Screencastify. This will be during one of their timetabled periods.
– If a student has a class that has four or five periods a week, they will have at least two online     learning experiences with each class, either Meet, Zoom, Loom or Screencastify. This will be   during two of their timetabled periods a week.
– That teachers will take a roll of students’ attendance and engagement.
– That parents and caregivers receive a summary of work via google classroom.
– That whānau teachers have an online whānau meeting once a week. This should be at afternoon whānau time, ie 1:50 to 2:10 on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday.


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