Strike for Climate Change information

March 15, 2019 to March 15, 2019 08.30am

This is to let you know the school’s position on the Climate Change Strike this Friday. There are two events that we are aware of, one of these is local, the other is in Auckland at Aotea Square.

The school will be open and operating as normal. If you are prepared to allow your child(ren) to go to a strike event it is entirely up to you. If your student(s) choose(s) to Strike for Climate Change the school must be notified of their absence in the usual manner, i.e. leave a message on the absence line or email

Notified absence for reason of the strike will be considered a justified absence as per recommendation from the Ministry of Education.

Please note that the event is entirely organised outside the school. We cannot supervise students at either the local or Auckland events as we will be still teaching all those who are at school. We are open for instruction as per normal.

Climate change is a hugely significant issue for our students. We have programmes here at the school that study and debate it. Therefore, we understand the students desire to make their voices heard. We encourage them to think critically, to care about their community, the environment and their future. We want our students to be change agents for social and environmental justice. They study their rights and obligations in a democratic society and this includes peaceful protest.

As parents, you will need to make your own assessment of whether your child(ren) should go. If your student(s) choose to do so, our advice would be that the point of the strike is to visibly make your voice heard.

If your student(s) is not going to an event, they should be at school.


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