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High School asks “How are we doing?”

For a small school, Waiheke High hits above its weight, scoring well on national measures and offering specialist subjects like sea sports and viticulture....   Read More

Tobias and Brad Roebuck-Ward

We are committed to the development of our community and the next generation of Waihekians.    For every property on Waiheke sold with The Boys...   Read More

Cellphone use at Waiheke High School

Most students have cell phones and they are welcome to bring these to school. However cell phones are to be switched off and in...   Read More

Be Waiheke WISE

School Wide Matrix Be Waiheke WISE

Hats During PE

Students may wear any hat of their choice during PE, Health, Sport and Sea Sports lessons outside. This includes any style, colour, size or...   Read More

2018 NCEA Exam Timetable

ncea exam-timetable-2018 NCEA exams this year will be held in the Hall and in the F-block classrooms.  Students can check venue of their exam...   Read More

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