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Want to be a Marine Biologist?

Olive Andrews is a research scientist and is the Marine Programme Manager for Conservation International. When she is not “guiding marine research and tourism...   Read More

Board seeking Maori Representation

The Waiheke High School Board of Trustees is actively seeking Maori Representation on the Board. There are two processes and positions in place currently:...   Read More

Board of Trustees says “We’re listening”.

Re : Striving for Success project A community survey by the Waiheke High School board of trustees has highlighted the need for strong leadership,...   Read More

Preliminary Strike Action

I am writing to let you know that the latest vote of the PPTA Union’s membership has directed Strike Action and this time it...   Read More

Achievement in NCEA and UE

Congratulations to all students and staff at Waiheke High School. Statistics released by the Ministry of Education show that Waiheke High School has out-performed...   Read More

Thanks to Waiheke Local Board

Once again the Waiheke Local Board have supported our students with $1000.00 towards the registration of 15 Year 10/11 students to complete their Bronze...   Read More

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