Attendance Procedure

The Ministry of Education has set an attendance target for all schools of 90%. At Waiheke High School our procedure to ensure we meet this goal is as follows.

Student Procedure

    1. Students receive an email notification when they have been entered as ? or T in our Student Management System. They either bring notification from home as to why they were absent, have home notify the school, or if they think the entry is incorrect – address the teacher directly.
    2. When students do not have a valid reason for absence they are notified by their whānau teacher to attend a time restoration session and are expected to attend.

Whānau and Caregiver Expectation

    1. Parents, whānau and caregivers are expected to notify the school, in advance where possible, when a student will be absent.
    2. Parents, whānau and caregivers are able to check student attendance at any time using the Waiheke High School Parent Portal.

Staff Procedure

    1. Staff are expected to complete their daily rolls accurately and in a timely manner.
    2. Whānau teachers are notified via email when students in their whānau class have been marked as either ? or T on the daily roll. They then address this with students, seeking explanation for absence from both the student and from whānau or caregivers.
    3. Whānau teachers, Deans and SLT read a list of students who have ? or T on their attendance record for the previous week. Students are told to attend a time restoration session on a Thursday interval. This is to make up for learning.
    4. SLT and Deans receive a list of 15 students each week who have the poorest attendance in their house. SLT and Deans discuss intervention strategies for our worst attendees.
    5. Students who have chronic absence will be referred to A.C.E.S (Auckland City Education Service) or other outside agencies.

Outstanding Non-Attendance or Truancy

  1. Whānau teachers will contact home
  2. Deans will send an notification identifying a pattern of non-attendance
  3. Deans will send a second notification identifying continued non-attendance
  4. SLT will send a notification explaining that the student has been referred to the Auckland Centre of Education Truancy Service.

Within School Processes

    1. Where students have not completed Time Restoration they may become ineligible for whole school events, this could include but is not limited to the following:
      ○ Stood down from team events
      ○ Rutherford Sports Exchange
      ○ AIMS Games
      ○ The Ball
      ○ Cultural or inter-school events
      ○ Year 13 Lunchtime Freedoms
      ○ Tournament Week
      ○ Study Leave during Derived Grade Exams or NCEA ExamsWithi

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