Leadership / Prefects



Head Boy: Ethan Douglas



Head Girl: Molly Davidson

2020 Prefects:

Academic Committee – Thomas Anderson and Lucas Dunn

Bicultural Committee: Poppy Blakey and Heather Girvan

Community Committee: Thomas Burdett and Michile Low-Allen

Cultural Committee: Lea Fini and Mailis Herren

Sports Committee: Brooklyn Allen and James Kinney

House Prefects:

Pakatoa: Poppy Blakey, Thomas Burdett, Lea Fini

Ponui: Brooklyn Allen, Aurelia Cottet, Ethan Douglas, Heather Girvan

Rakino: Molly Davidson, Lucas Dunn, Mailis Herren

Rangitoto: Thomas Anderson, Phoebe Harris, James Kinney, Michile Low-Allan


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