Our Staff

Name Dept./Position Phone Ext. Email
Bayly, Marie Attendance Officer 222 baylym@waihekehigh.school.nz
Brosnan, Hedi Property Manager  299 property@waihekehigh.school.nz
Campbell, Julie Science 377 campbellj@waihekehigh.school.nz
Carnevale, Vanessa Drama  356 carnevalev@waihekehigh.school.nz
Chamberlain, David Property chamberlaind@waihekehigh.school.nz
Carroll, Sam Mathematics  341 carrolls@waihekehigh.school.nz
Cole, Katherine Science Faculty Leader 255 colek@waihekehigh.school.nz
Curreen, Chris Science 222 curreenc@waihekehigh.school.nz
Davis, Huhana Technology 292 davish@waihekehigh.school.nz
Deacon, Tanique English/Careers 216 deacont@waihekehigh.school.nz
Dodd, Mariette English Faculty Leader 250


Refreshment leave from August 2018 – August 2019

Durry, Cheryl Accounts 205 accounts@waihekehigh.school.nz
Duurloo, Russell Music duurloor@waihekehigh.school.nz
England, Jennie Social Sciences 313 englandj@waihekehigh.school.nz
Forde, Anton Science


Study Leave (32 weeks) in 2019

Godbout, Bill Health & PE / Dean Yr 13 262 godboutb@waihekehigh.school.nz
Godbout, Gill School Secretary 200 enquiries@waihekehigh.school.nz
Harrington, Brenda Principal’s PA 202 harringtonb@waihekehigh.school.nz
Hau, Te Ao MPA/ESOL/Dean Years 11 & 12 262 haut@waihekehigh.school.nz
Heer, Maria Health & PE heerm@waihekehigh.school.nz
Hendry, Michaela English hendrym@waihekehigh.school.nz
Howell, Jared Science  342 howellj@waihekehigh.school.nz
Jacomb, Mathew Health & PE/Seasports 346 jacombm@waihekehigh.school.nz
Jamieson, Trudie Business Manager 204 business@waihekehigh.school.nz
Johnson, Neil Languages johnsonn@waihekehigh.school.nz
Kennedy, Nesrin Mathematics  260 kennedyn@waihekehigh.school.nz
Kennedy, David Social Sciences Faculty Leader/Principals Nominee kennedyd@waihekehigh.school.nz
Knighton, Paul Deputy Principal 207 knightonp@waihekehigh.school.nz
Lethwaite, Maggie School Nurse 215 nurse@waihekehigh.school.nz
Mahaki, Claire Learning Diversity 230 mahakic@waihekehigh.school.nz
Mahaki, Pita Maori 355 mahakip@waihekehigh.school.nz
Mancia, Pia Library 265 manciap@waihekehigh.school.nz
McCartain, Kaye Learning Support 331 mccartaink@waihekehigh.school.nz
McDairmid, Paula Learning Support mcdairmidp@waihekehigh.school.nz
McKelvie, Linda DVC/Painting 240 mckelviel@waihekehigh.school.nz
McKelvie, Paul Technology Faculty Leader 290 mckelviep@waihekehigh.school.nz
McTaggart, David PE/Health 245 mctaggartd@waihekehigh.school.nz
Melchior, Annie Visual Arts Faculty Leader 240 melchiora@waihekehigh.school.nz
Miller, Suzanne English 250 millers@waihekehigh.school.nz
Millsom, Brenda Teacher Aide 265 millsomb@waihekehigh.school.nz
Morris, Liz Guidance Counsellor/Careers 217 morrisl@waihekehigh.school.nz
Moore, Gareth Social Science mooreg@waihekehigh.school.nz
Mulvey, Tom Science mulveyt@waihekehigh.school.nz
Musson, Emma Faculty Leader English 250 mussone@waihekehigh.school.nz
O’Toole, Sean Science/Dean Years 9 & 10  262 otooles@waihekehigh.school.nz
Peterson, Kate Science/eDean/Dean of Years 7 & 8 262 petersonk@waihekehigh.school.nz
Ralphs, Christy Director of International Students 209 international1@waihekehigh.school.nz
Read, Richard Learning Support  230 readr@waihekehigh.school.nz
Richeux, Ronie PE/Health 245 richeuxr@waihekehigh.school.nz
Rook, Graham Teacher Aide rookg@waihekehigh.school.nz
Rose, Rebecca Health & PE 345


Study leave (32 weeks) in 2019

Sears, Tony Deputy Principal 208 searst@waihekehigh.school.nz
Simpson, Brent English/Technology 250 simpsonb@waihekehigh.school.nz
Smith, Rob Mathematics 260 smithro@waihekehigh.school.nz
Ulcoq, Marie-Helene English 250 ulcoqm@waihekehigh.school.nz
Walsh, Michael Social Sciences  333 walshm@waihekehigh.school.nz
Wilson, Kevin Faculty Leader – Mathematics 362 wilsonk@waihekehigh.school.nz
Wright, Fiona Lab Technician 372 wrightf@waihekehigh.school.nz
Wood, Tony Acting Faculty Leader (2019) PE/Health 245 woodt@waihekehigh.school.nz
Young, Jude Principal 203 principal@waihekehigh.school.nz


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