Hats During PE

Students may wear any hat of their choice during PE, Health, Sport and Sea Sports lessons outside. This includes any style, colour, size or shape! The purpose of this Hat is for sun protection.  Students may ONLY wear this hat during PE, Sport, Health and Sea Sports lessons. They may not wear it during school time.
If students wish to wear a hat at lunch/interval/to/from school, they must wear a WHS Blue cap available from the uniform shop or a navy blue hat of their own (no emblems please).
During PE, students should only wear a hat when it is sunny and the class is outside. This is likely to be mainly in Term 1 and 4. Hats are not permitted in the recreation centre or in classroom based PE, Health or Sea Sports lessons.
PE Staff are encouraged to actively promote and encourage the use of hats, including role modelling good practice. 
The hat rule is not compulsory, and therefore the choice rests ultimately with parents and students.  
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