Q.  How do I report my student absent, late, or on leave for an event?

A.  Please call 371-9000 ext. 1 before 8:45am to leave a message for our staff.  Please include your name, the student’s name, and the reason for the absence.  Under the Education Act, school attendance is compulsory unless the student is unable to attend due to illness, medical appointments, or sudden or serious illness of a close family member.  Any other reasons will be noted but may not be justified as a valid reason for absence.

Q.  Can I, as a parent, attend school assemblies?

A.  Yes, school assemblies are held regularly and are an important occasion for the school to come together and recognise student success, important calendar events, and disseminate important information.

Q.  Can a student bring their mobile phone to school?

A.  Yes, mobile phones are allowed on school grounds however they are prohibited from use during class, in toilets and changing areas, and taking photographs or videos without authority on school grounds for privacy reasons.

Q.  What does the school do to ensure my child is safe using ICT resources?

A.  The school filters all internet traffic through a Ministry of Education approved third-party.  We also maintain a filter within our own servers to help augment this as well as having staff monitoring student’s use and internet history.

Q.  What are the school hours?

A.  Students are expected to be ready to learn at 8:30am and the normal school day will finish at 3:10pm.

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