Student Services Centre


Health Clinic with Registered Nurse – Monday to Friday 8.30am – 3.10pm during term time

School Guidance Counsellor – Monday- Friday 8.30am – 3.10pm during term time

Doctors Clinic with the GP – Wednesdays 9.00am – 1.00pm during term time

Careers Advisor – Monday to Friday 8.30am – 3.10pm during term time

We have the following staff in Student Support Services:

See Staff List for further Contact Details.

Nurse’s Clinic

The School Nurse is a Youth Health Specialist who provides confidential, accessible, clinical and health promotional services for all students at Waiheke High school. The aim is to enhance the health and wellbeing of students supporting them to be engaged, connected, successful young people in the community. This includes facilitating access to other health and social agencies, promoting a healthy school environment and supporting staff to deliver the NZ Health and PE curriculum.

Doctor’s Clinic

We are very lucky to have doctors working for the clinic. Currently we have Rob Kay from Ostend Medical Centre. The doctors are youth friendly and very approachable. The students seem to appreciate the relaxed atmosphere within the clinic. The doctors sessions are well utilised. The aim is to have a positive impact on the student’s health and wellbeing.

Careers Advice

The Careers Advisor provides advice and information to students and their families on tertiary selection (course and subject), career choice, tertiary applications, open days at tertiary institutions and transition from school to work or further study. The Careers Advisor liaises with Faculty Leaders and Deans in order to provide assistance for all careers advice. There is a Career section in the School Library.

School Counsellor

The School Counsellor provides a confidential counselling service to students and their families regarding personal, family, educational, health or vocational matters. Information, skills coaching (eg relaxation, mindfulness) or referral to other agencies is also available if required. Mediations between students is also offered and can be provided by our trained Student Mediators when requested. Students can self-refer or be referred by family or teachers. Appointments can be made with the Counsellor in person, phone or email.

The School Counsellor holds a Certificate of Practice with the NZ Association of Counsellors.

School Psychologist

Psychologists are interested in how our thoughts effect how we feel and behave. They provide a confidential, relaxed and safe space to share worries and concerns and to help find positive ways to cope with difficult life experiences.

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