Proposed phone policy - Waiheke High School

The Principal, on behalf of the Board of Trustees, is seeking community feedback on our policy toward the new legislation which has come in from the current government. For more information about the legislation, please click here.
We are seeking feedback based on one policy option:
At all times when students are on school grounds or off school grounds representing the high school during the school day, they should not have access to phones.
The two exceptions to this are: 
  • if a student has prior arrangement from the Principal for an exemption for health and safety reasons.
  • if a student is asked by their teacher to use their phone for an educational task. 
Failure to follow the policy will result in the student having their phone confiscated to ensure WHS meets the legal requirements. First confiscation will result in the student being able to collect their phone at the end of the day. For every subsequent confiscation, a caregiver will be required to collect the phone from a member of the senior leadership team.  
We feel that this meets the legislative requirements and allows maximum possible flexibility for learning while also retaining clarity and simple implementation. 

Community Feedback

Your feedback on this proposed policy change is welcome. Please use this form to submit any thoughts or feedback.

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