Waiheke school bus timetable

The School Bus is one of the safest ways to travel.

Please see the below link for a copy of Fuller’s latest School Bus information booklet, routes, timetables and safety tips. The bus now once again goes to Orapiu. We hope that this booklet will help you with pick up and drop off times and perhaps encourage more children to travel using a school bus.

See: https://www.fullers.co.nz/waiheke-commuters-and-services/waiheke-school-bus-timetable/

The benefits

  1. Safe way to travel
  2. Always on time
  3. Kids make new friends
  4. Kids learn to take care of their things (if not we keep lost property at the depot or return it to the school)
  5. Kids learn to manage their time
  6. Encourages independence
  7. Parents have complete peace of mind
  8. Economic benefits – you will save $$$ on fuel in your car
  9. Classes can start on time
  10. Less vehicles on the road
  11. Better for the environment
  12. Benefits for the community

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